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Press Release of March 18, 2008
The two Orthopaedic companies, the Swiss Mathys Ltd and the Italian Lima-Lto SpA concluded a close strategic cooperation this week in Villanova, Italy.

Renowned clinics and surgeons have long placed their trust in the competence of both lead-ing European Orthopaedic companies. Mathys Ltd situated in Bettlach and Lima-Lto S.p.A located in the north Italian town of Villanova are each independent family businesses. Both companies have been involved in the area of joint replacement for the past decades. This will not change in the future. “The independence of both companies will not be relinquished through the cooperation” say Gabriele Lualdi, President of Lima and Dr. Arne Faisst, COO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Mathys Ltd.

In a first phase both contracting parties have agreed to exchange two joint replacement sys-tems, to be sold under private labels. Paolo Pirazzoli, General Manager of Lima explains that through this cooperation the ability to bid successfully against the large American competi-tors will be massively improved. Dr. Arne Faisst is also extremely satisfied adding that the alliance entails additional future advantages: “The collaboration includes many opportunities for important synergies. We shall pursue projects to increase efficiency, for example in the procurement of raw materials”.

Through this close collaboration it will be possible for clients of both companies to have ac-cess to a joint replacement portfolio from European companies. “Our customers profit from the long-standing experience and know-how of the two leading Orthopaedic manufacturers”. “In this ways we can promote the European philosophy thus reanimating and strengthening the established tradition of European Orthopaedics”, adds Dr. Arne Faisst.

Background Lima-Lto

The Italian company was founded in 1945 and can be proud of over 60 years of experience in medical technology. The company started developing implants for hip and knee in the 70’s. The Lualdi family still runs its business in four different areas: Orthopaedics, Aero-space, Mechanics and Motors and its products are commercialized world-wide.

The company has ten subsidiaries and three manufacturing sites in Italy, the headquarters are located in northern Italy : Villanova di San Daniele.

Background Mathys Ltd Bettlach

The Swiss Orthopaedic company was founded in 1946 and looks back on a 50 years of experience in the field of medical techniques. Mathys has concentrated exclusively on the development, production and distribution of joint replacement since 1 November 2003. The products are manufactured predominantly in Switzer-land but also in Germany. The current company activities lie in the area of implants for hips, knees and shoulders as well as in synthetic bone replacement material. The company has 9 subsidiaries in Germany, France, Belgium, England, The Neth-erlands, Holland, Austria, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland is owned by the families Mathys and Marzo. Major shareholder Hugo Mathys acts as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO; Dr. Arne Faisst is COO and Chairman of the Executive Board.

Back left:Hugo MathysChairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Mathys Ltd
Back right:Gabriele LualdiPresident of Lima-Lto
Front left:Dr. Arne FaisstCOO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Mathys Ltd
Front right:Paolo PirazzoliGeneral Manager of Lima-Lto

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Published: 18/03/2008